At least 3 dozen Wayne County homicide suspects out on bond, Freep finds

May 05, 2022, 11:15 PM

At least three dozen people facing homicide charges and a dozen facing murder charges were out on bond in Wayne County as of February, according to Detroit Free Press investigation.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says judges should have kept the accused behind bars until trial, as the charges indicate they're a danger to others. A defense attorney supports that they only be tether-monitored because “we don’t know what the facts are until a jury determines that."

The release decisions are attributed to pandemic era stress on courts and jails, plus a state Court of Appeals decision from last year.

In that case, the Court of Appeals found that the state Constitution trumped state law. The statute said no person charged with murder "shall" get bond when "guilt is evident or the presumption great." The Constitution gives judges discretion, saying bail "may" be denied in those cases.

These are among those out on bond, the paper says:

  • A pastor who lives in Sterling Heights charged with open murder, accused of gunning down a 36-year-old transgender woman who was doing sex work in 2018 near McNichols Road and Brush Street not far from Palmer Park in Detroit. The clergyman has been awaiting trial for more than three years in the transgender woman’s killing, allowed to work and pick his daughter up at an elementary school, as well as officiate a wedding and a funeral.

  • A man charged with first-degree murder, accused of killing his domestic partner, a Detroit police sergeant, in 2019. Family members of the female officer picketed outside a county judge's home last year, upset after he allowed the suspect out on a tether and a $10,000 bail (10% of $100,000).

  • Another first-degree murder suspect who allegedly — while out on bond — beat a woman so hard she lost a tooth. He's back in jail, awaiting trial on both charges.

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