In Covid's third spring, classroom masks remain a must at all but 2 of Michigan's public universities

March 20, 2022, 10:46 AM

Students at U-M's Angell Hall in January. (Photos: Instagram/University of Michigan)

Face masks are rarer now in Michigan shops, gyms, libraries and many other indoor gathering spots. But more than two years into the pandemic, they remain mandtory in classes at all but two of Michigan's 15 public universities, The Detroit News notes. (Both exceptions, Michigan Tech and Lake Superior State, are in the Upper Peninsula.)

Many school leaders are reticent to predict when mask requirements might end, but infectious disease experts said any new variants or spikes in the virus could necessitate mask mandates at least for a while longer. ...

Though each university's mandates differ, mask restrictions in public buildings remained after many students returned to campus following spring break. ... Mask classroom requirements remain and could stay in place at public universities since the end of the semester is weeks away.

U-M art students this week

The subscribers-only roundup quotes Oakland University student Evan Raddatz, 21, of Clarkston:

"Why are we still wearing them when the world around us is not masked?"

A reason comes from OU President Ora Pescovitz, who's also a pediatrician:

"People who are in close quarters are still at a reasonably high risk of some transmission. ... This is the most prudent measure, at least until the end of the semester. It’s important to note we are not completely out of the woods in terms of the virus."

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